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With gentle pressure

Membrane presses

The most gentle process to get grape juice is the pneumatic pressing.

We work with 4 identical membrane presses.

Essentially all grapes are de-stemmed by machine before further processing.


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Barrique cellar

Storage area for up to 1.200 Barriques

From french oak. Storage area for up to 1.200 Barriques.

Barrique is the term for an oak wooden barrel with a volume of 225 liters.

In the wine world the term "Barrique" describes a certain taste: somehow "smoky", like "vanilla" or "wood" - and for a certain type of wine: full-bodied and tannin accented.

Compared to normal barrels the Barrique barrel is made from fresh wood and is taste neutralized before the first use. Oak wood of different origin is used depending on the desired note, and the barrel staves are “toasted” over open fire – the stronger the more taste of the type "vanilla" develops.


We purchase our Barrique barrels from well-known producers in France and Spain.


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Stainless steel cellar

The innovative „fermentation manager“ controls the fermentation.

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