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Bonded with Mother Nature

The soil in our vineyards not only supports in the vines but gives them warmth, moisture and the nutrients so vital to thier well-being.


The soils or terroir also determine the style, character and quality of the wines. For this reason, we pay particular attention to the cultivation and care, always in close touch with nature.


The soils themselves are a mixture of weathered clay and sandstone which, together with the agreable climate allows us to plant a large collection of different grape varieties.

The grapes are grown in the vineyards of Edesheimer Rosengarten, Edesheimer Mandelhang, Edesheimer Schloss, Edesheimer Forst, Edesheimer Ordensgut, Edenkobener Kirchberg, Edenkobener Schloss Ludwigshoehe, Rhodter Klosterpfad, Flemlinger Herrenbuckel, Flemlinger Vogelsprung & Flemlinger Bischofskreuz, Arzheimer Seligmacher & Arzheimer Rosenberg


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