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The Palatinate inspires with scenic attractions and a favorable climate. Nowhere in the country spring is coming earlier and you can find oleander, figs and small lemon trees in every wine-growers courtyard.


Often the tulips, daffodils, crocuses and hyacinths are already blooming in February and March. The magnificent almond blossoms that turn the landscape into a sea of delicate pink flowers are widely known and admired far beyond the regional borders. However, first and foremost the "Tuscany of Germany" is defined by its wine-growing.


44 wine-growing villages are bordering the German Wine Road, the very 85 km long route between Bockenheim and Schweigen on the border of Alsace that displays a contagious lust of living.

Furthermore 154 villages are more or less directly connected to the Wine Road. Looking beyond the endless sea of vineyards, one discovers the Hambach Castle and the gorgeous Villa Ludwigshöhe.



The Villa Ludwighsöhe: Beneath the Villa Ludwigshöhe the wine village Edesheim is harmoniously nestled in the established vineyards such as Mandelhang, Rosengarten, Forst, Schloss and Edesheimer Ordensgut.


The favorable climate allows not only the cultivation of wine but also fruit. This is why numerous wine-growing estates and orchards are defining the overall appearance of the townscape of most southern Palatinate villages. The Weingut Werner Anselmann is one of the largest and most famous family owned wineries in Germany.

Villa Ludwigshöhe.
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