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Bonded to tradition, open-minded to innavation

The Anselmann family has been associated with viticulture for centuries, the first records dating back to 1126. The family crest nowadays used as estate logo was awarded to the family in 1541, as can be seen in the historical archives in Karlsruhe.

The great vintage of 1959 saw the beginning of a new era of winemaking, bottling and selling by Werner and Inge Anselmann, parents of today´s owner. Indeed the father´s name ist still in use today.


The Sixties and Seventies were witness to a posiive expansion in business which made an extension to the estate necessary. In 1979, in addition to the historical housing and cellars, in which many an exquisite wine is still stored today, a new estate building was constructed on the outskirts of Edesheim next to Inge Anselmann´s birthplace.


Following the early death of his father in 1982, Gerd Anselmann assumed responsibility for the estate, together with his mother. The emphasis was now placed on the production of premium grape varieties and an increase in the amount of red wine produced.


In 1988 Gerd and his brother Ralf set up a seperate wine and sparkling wine company as a diversification to the estate already established.


1990- the wine vintage of the century! The Dornfelder dry fermented Beerenauslese was awarded special commendation. In the same year the wine garden "Brunnenterrasse" was opened.


1991-following Ralf Anselmann´s sucessful compltion of a degree in agriculture at the University of Hohenheim, he became also managing director of the estate.


1992-the start of the sparkling wine production according to the classical bottle fermentation process in rooms custom-built for this purpose.


1993-a neighbouring house, which used to belong to Inge Anselmann´s family was taken over and renovated.


1994- in April a considerable international achievement at the Vinitaly in Verona takes place. A 1989 Scheurebe Beerenauslese was awarded a Gold Medal "Medaglia d´oro" by Concorso Enologico Internazionale whilst a 1992 Gewuerztraminer Auslese received a "Diploma di Gran Menzione".


Previous successes at both state and national level were enhanced on by 2 "Grosse DLG-Preise extra" for 1991 Sparkling Pino Blanc and a 1992 Sparkling Dornfelder.

In addition to this a sparkling Dornfelder was awarded a "Prix d´exellence" at 1994 Vinalies Internationales in Paris.


A label design competition, organised by the DLG and German Wine Institute, was won by the Sparkling Pinot Blanc extra brut, whilst the St. Laurent red wine was distinguished in the red wine category.


1995 saw the Ortega Trockenbeerenauslese harvested in 1993 with a must density of 230° awarded with "prix d´exellence" at the Vinalies Internationales in Paris and the "Diploma di Gran Menzione" at the Vintialy in Verona. The most omprotant wine cmpetition in Belgium the Concours Mondial awarded a 1993 Ehrenfelser Auslese one of only 14 Gold Medals awarded. In the German National Sparkling Wine Competition  two more "Grosse Preis Extra" were won. With these commendations the Anselmann´s were the most successful participants of the Competition.


In 1996 and for the third time running, Ger ans Ralf are the most successful sparkling wine manufacterers in th eGermen National Sparkling Wine Competition.

In the same year the first barrique wines were introduced and meet with considerable success and the first classic grape varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot were planted.


From 1997 onwards Ralf Anselmann is appointed juror by a number of international wine competitions.


In 1998 and following her studies of business management at the University of Mannheim Ruth Anselmann joins the family team.


In the same year the wine estate won the first prize of a state-run competition "Creativity for the Future".the Minister of Economics, Dr. Rainer Bruederle, presented the award to the family during the "Intervitis" in Stuttgart.


To celebrate the Olympic Games in Sydneyin 2000, the winery had the privilege of supplying the German NOC with a Pinot Blanc sparkling wine.


In October 2000 it was a Dornfelder -matured in barrique- which was selected for the Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, to accompany th emenus prepared by the world´s top chefs.


In 2001, during the "Gruene Woche" in Berlin the Dornfelder was served at the official "State of Rheinland-Pfalz" booth.


The estate became a member of "Palatinate Marketing" an organisation dedicated to the marketing of products typical for the region. The vineyard area has grown to more than 50 hectares.


The official opeing of the 2003 German grape harvest takes place on august 15th 2003 at the winery, accompanied by 11 television camera teams all eager to record the first harvest day of what will turn out to be a spectacular vintage year.


September 2003 sees the conclusion of the most ambitious expansion plans to date and is celebrated with a "Housewarming Party" day! Following a long planning period and almost one year of construction work, the estate is proud to present a new grape collection station, a new grape-pressing barn and seperate facilities for the bottling line. Below ground there is now a new fermentation and storage cellar with 107 stainless steel tanks as well as a cellar with room for 1,000 barrique casks. The bottle storage area is now air-conditioned so that the bottled wines and sparkling wines can await shipmentunder ideal conditionsof storage. A technical highlight is the computer-controlled monitoring of the temperature in the fermentation tanks. This innovation ensures an optimal fermentation temperature in the juice and is the first time that thhis idea has been put into practice. Thanks to this expansion the Anselmann estate is listed as being amongst the largest and best-equipped private wine estates in Germany. Both the vineyards and the cellars are now geared to the production of the highest quality possible.


In 2003 the European Press Ball was supplied with wines as well as the German Television Awards Ceremony.

The year also saw the Dornfelder Classic selected by Lufthansa for thier Business and First Class.


During the Olympic Games in 2004 in Athens it was the Dornfelder Barrique which was selected for the "German House".

The Winter Paralympic Games 2006 in Sestriere/Italy were supported by the Anselmann estate in the form of a wine tasting at the "German House" which was attended by the German Federal President, Horst Köhler.


The FIFA selects a Dornfelder Barrique from the 500 wines offered to them to be served in the Hospitality Area of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin during the World Football Championship 2006.


Today the estate is managed by Gerd, Ralf and Ruth Anselmann, ably supported by their mother Inge and their two wives Britta and Isabel.The vineyards ans sales are run by aprfessional team of longstanding attachment to the wine estate. Gerd and Britta have three children whilst Ralf and Isabel also have three children. It is therefore reasonable to assume that the wineestate will continue to remain infamily possesion for some time to come.

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