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Viticulture has a long tradition in cultural history.

A primitive form of wine growing existed in the near east as early as the 6th century. Viticulture had its first flourish in the Pharaohs Egypt.

The conquest of the vine continued in ancient Greece, from where viticulture spread especially in the Mediterranean area. Greek settlers brought wine growing also to other countries like Sicily, southern Italy or southern France. The Romans, especially Marcus Aurelius Probus, wanting to ensure the supply of his troops in the northern and easterly provinces with wine, established the foundation for today’s viticulture in Germany.

Towards the end of the Roman empire the Mosel valley, the Rheingau and the Palatinate region developed into centers of the European wine culture and wine industry, and remain so until today!

The Anselmann family has been associated with viticulture for more than 450 years. From this rich experience high quality and very palatable wines of top level standard are produced in the winery located in the southern Palatinate are. This is documented by high awards and commendations at national and international level.

Indulge in our wines.

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